1878 Private Member’s Club Dublin

We are delighted to share our design for 1878, a new Member’s Club in the iconic 3Arena, still known fondly by Dubliners as The Point. This iconic building boasts a rich architectural history that was transformed from a goods depot to a world-renowned entertainment venue.

A Luxurious Reimagining

Design Studio was chosen to create the interior design for the exclusive 1878 Private Member’s Club nestled within the iconic 3Arena in Dublin. Commissioned by Live Nation Ireland, our multi-award-winning hospitality interior designers at Ellis Design Studio have meticulously crafted a space that marries mid-century elegance with abstract expressionism.

Inspired by Trailblazing Women

The 1878 Private Member’s Club pays homage to two visionary Irish women: contemporary artist Mainie Jellett (1879-1944) and designer Eileen Gray (1878-1976). Their pioneering spirits infuse every detail of our design.

The Fusion of Lustrous Modernism and Cubist Aesthetics

Eileen Gray’s iridescent aesthetic meets Mainie Jellett’s bold geometric forms. Our interior design captures the tension between these influences, blending lacquerwork, glass, and expressive colours.

Unveiling the Space

Mid-Century Magic: Explore our curated mix of mid-century-inspired furniture and finishes.
Modernist Back Bar: Behold the spectacular feature back bar with illuminated mirrors, glass, and antique brass.
Coral-Hued Drama: Custom-designed bar-top lighting sets the stage, while the vibrant lacquer-inspired coral bar top steals the spotlight.

Artistry in Every Detail

Cubist Carpets: Inspired by Mainie Jellett’s work, our expressive carpets weave a narrative throughout the venue.
Polychromatic Screens: Eileen Gray’s opulent lacquer creations come alive in dramatic screen details.
Curvilinear Comfort: Sink into banquette seating inspired by Gray’s iconic Bibendum armchair.
Quiet Decadence, Wilful Glamour
1878 whispers luxury, reflecting a refined yet vibrant palette. Plush velvets, patterned fabrics and translucent screens create a sense of theatricality and lustre.

Your Prelude to Arena Excitement

As you step into the 1878, you are met by tactile luxury—a perfect prelude to the drama awaiting you in the arena.