Flight Club Birmingham Birmingham

Flight Club Birmingham is an 8,700 sqft venue is set over three floors, comprising 14 oches and two bars.

The concept for the ground floor is based around the idea of the fairground penchant for a ‘trick of the eye’. The design scheme is an exploration of the beginnings of animation and the moving image in the context of the Victorian fairground.

The ground floor space is dominated by a dramatic marquee-inspired ceiling feature and bar with perimeter trompe l’oeil ‘windows’ revealing the surrounding village fairground. The bar front features hand painted designs inspired by patterns found in traditional fairground games, combined with reclaimed Victorian fireplace tiles and laser cut blackened steel detailing. The canopy of the bar incorporates details found in traditional carousel canopies.

To get a feel of the space, see Flight Club’s brilliant video on YouTube.

Project Introduction

Ellis Design Studio replicates our award winning success with the interior design for Flight Club Birmingham.

The award winning interior design for Flight Club Birmingham creates a world where history comes alive on every floor. It whispers tales of innovation and creativity from the past, and is a masterclass in our approach.

Reclaiming history

The ground floor boasts incredibly rare original 19th Century fairground panels. These were lovingly rescued by our team from a carousel designed by Frederick Savage, the pioneer of carousel design. We meticulously restored these panels, bringing them to life with custom hand-painted artwork, intricate panelling and bespoke lighting.

Custom designed

As customers explore further, they discover our custom-designed wall lighting pays tribute to the visionaries of animation. Our phenakistoscope-inspired wall lights add another layer to this competitive socialising experience. Customers witness the magic of early animation experiments, adding a touch of enchantment.

The first floor transports to an era where the British passion for equestrianism and country pursuits reigned supreme. The hand-painted scenic artwork on the first-floor bar is a nod to the masterpieces created by the 19th century Birmingham School of Landscape Artists.

Exquisite interiors and iconic invention

The heart of the first-floor space is a captivating ceiling feature, inspired by the architectural brilliance of Robert Adam. We reimagined classical motifs to pay homage to the ingenious inventions that originated in Birmingham, from roller skates to the car horn! Every detail, from custom lighting, carpets and unique furniture, seamlessly integrates into our design.

It’s not just the rooms that tell a story. Our stairwell, the elegant bridge between the ground and first floors, is a story in itself. Victorian Orientalism, which graces the first floor, finds its echo in the customised wallpapers that adorn the stairwell and feature walls. Here, a collection of original grandfather clocks and an array of vintage artwork and objects create an atmosphere of eclecticism and density, inviting you to linger and uncover the secrets of each piece.

The interior design for Flight Club Birmingham intertwines local history and award winning design.