Electric Shuffle London Bridge London

This flagship venue comprises over 8,000 sqft of space and is located directly under the concourse of the iconic London Bridge Station within five historic Victorian brick vault arches, in the heart of Central London. The grand and atmospheric vaults have been converted into a spectacular new venue, comprising two show stopping bars, 10 shuffle table play spaces and a various F&B spaces.

The venue has been meticulously designed to deliver a dramatic, experiential and conceptual space, showcasing the spectacular Victorian architecture still present below London Bridge station.

Ellis Design Studio was chosen to create the interior design for Electric Shuffle London Bridge. This project follows our award-winning work on Electric Shuffle Canary Wharf, featured in national and international press.

Design concept

Electric Shuffle London Bridge’s interior design draws inspiration from its role as a transport hub. It’s filled with connectivity, dynamism, and nods to the Art Deco era, a golden age of travel.

Brand storytelling through exquisite design

The bar’s design draws inspiration from how light travels through tunnels, seamlessly blending the electrical-inspired aesthetic of Electric Shuffle with elements reminiscent of trains and transportation. The centrepiece showcases an intricate triptych of arches blending seamlessly into the existing brick archway’s geometry. This bar features hand-painted finishes, bespoke wallpapers, and meticulously crafted joinery and metalwork detailing.

The second bar features a series of elongated, sinuous arches that create a captivating sense of verticality. Positioned as a focal point between the last two arches, its design takes cues from the intricate arrangements of vaults and arches often found in railway station architecture. Within the hand-painted and illuminated arches, custom-made chrome hemispheres evoke the appearance of oversized rivets. The design also pays homage to the railway-inspired aesthetic through the use of industrial-inspired ribbed timber and metal strapping details.

Custom designed

Custom-designed lighting and bespoke materials pay homage to Electric Shuffle’s Art Deco aesthetic while incorporating elements inspired by trains and transportation. Notable features, such as the dramatic oversized brass chandeliers that span the entire venue, are the Studio’s unique creations, reminiscent of the iconic lighting seen in grand railway concourses of the 20th Century.

A specially crafted timber joinery element serves as a central band, enveloping the venue’s perimeter walls. This not only offers a visual and physical framework for the spaces but also adds a sense of rhythm and continuity. The paneling, which incorporates ribbed timber, pleated velvets, metal meshes, and textured glass, evokes the forms found in vintage train carriage detailing.

To accommodate the complex geometry of the venue’s architecture, the Studio further refined the beautifully designed shuffleboard tables. New, striking cantilevered metalwork feature, complete with pleated velvet and mesh details were introduced. Their custom-designed to support lighting and enclose and enhance the tables, reinforcing the transport-inspired aesthetic.

We enhance connectivity and dynamism with dramatic wall mural art in the venue. These large hand-painted works draw inspiration from the Futurist art movement and pay homage to early 20th Century British ‘Vortists.’ These artists found inspiration in the kinetic energy and electrification of transportation, a concept integrated into the Studio’s interpretation of movement and energy.

The three E’s

The interior design of Electric Shuffle London Bridge draws inspiration from the energy, excitement, and era of early electrical experimentation. The design fuses the dynamism and excitement of early 20th century transport hubs. And, the beauty & lustre of the golden age of train travel, all set against dramatic sweeping historical Victorian brick vault arches of London Bridge Station.

We are proud to be the Interior Designer of Electric Shuffle London Bridge and Canary Wharf.