Flight Club Victoria London Victoria, London

The design of Flight Club Darts in Victoria takes inspiration from both the Great British pub and Victorian fairgrounds. The space is laid out to create a dynamic, exciting, immersive journey, imbued with a sense of discovery and wonder… a ‘Fairground in the Sky’

The 15,000 sqft flagship venue features three bars, 18 oche spaces, two private rooms and an extensive outdoor terrace.

The ground floor bar references classic Victorian seaside kiosks with the remainder of the space dominated by the triple-height helter skelter-inspired spiral staircase, which acts as a portal to the main venue on the first floor. Both features are set against the vast, hand painted, village fete-inspired mural.

Project Introduction

Ellis Design Studio created the interior design for Flight Club Victoria, London. A ‘jewel in the crown’ of Red Engine’s Flight Club concept.

Design concept

Our design pays homage to classic fairground games like ‘The Big Dipper,’ ‘The Plate Smasher,’ ‘The Shooting Gallery,’ and ‘The Cabinet of Curiosities’. The team and our collaborators of makers and scenic artists meticulously crafted bespoke joinery, lighting, and hand-painted wall finishes throughout the venue.

You ascend into this £5.3m flagship social darts venue through our helter skelter entrance stair which welcomes customers into the 1st floor ‘Fairground in the Sky’.

Within the venue, you will find two distinct private spaces. ‘The Room of Toys’ draws inspiration from vintage fairground prizes, featuring an eye-catching installation. It adorns the walls with hundreds of vintage ceramic ‘fairings,’ elegantly displayed on custom-cast plaster plinths. Above, a vast canopy of over 1400 soft toy ‘prizes’ adds a whimsical touch.

Our main private room, ‘The Old Vic,’ transports you to the warmth and charm of a traditional British country pub. It’s an eccentric tribute to Queen Victoria, her spirit of adventure, and her love for discovery. The room showcases a bespoke ‘deconstructed’ 19th Century-inspired ornate plasterwork ceiling feature, complete with custom-formed plaster mouldings and vintage lighting. Hand-distressed timber wall panelling exudes patina and luster, while a mix of complementary wallpapers creates an eclectic pattern-on-pattern effect reminiscent of Victorian interiors.

Custom designed

We have employed 3D printing techniques to replicate decorative cameos of Queen Victoria, harmonising modern and traditional decorative elements. The bar design, inspired by traditional British pubs, incorporates period decorative motifs, reclaimed elements, and hand-painted reproductions of 19th-century landscapes.

Record breaking

However, the true gem is the spectacular carousel-inspired central bar, boasting the title of Central London’s longest. We drew inspiration from the complex geometry of intersecting carousel canopies, adorning the entire canopy and base with hand-painted artworks influenced by Queen Victoria’s private collection. To add a touch of theatricality and Victorian opulence, we’ve introduced a pleated red velvet canopy above the bar.

Magic Gardens

The party continues outside with Victoria’s Magic Gardens, a venue in its own right. Full-height living walls flank both ends of on outdoor terrace.  It features an eclectic mix of furniture, reclaimed mirrors, and vintage decorative garden objects. We also refurbished and re-engineered a restored original red phone box, turning it into London’s tiniest disco that plays songs on request.