The Premium Club 3 Arena, Dublin

The Premium Club is a private member’s club in Ireland’s number 1 music venue, the 3Arena Dublin. The design brief was to create a contemporary, dynamic, urban space within the 3Arena venue. The design scheme was inspired by the reinterpretation of a traditional gentlemen’s club and the finishes were based on material used in mens tailoring such as tweed, felt and pinstripe, which were set against contemporary bespoke wall murals and high gloss surfaces.

The Premium Club at the 3 Arena Dublin stands as an exclusive Private Member’s Club. We received a design brief to craft a contemporary, dynamic, urban space. Our inspiration came from reimagining a traditional gentlemen’s club, with a focus on materials reminiscent of men’s tailoring, including tweed, felt, and pinstripe.

Our goal was to fashion a luxurious, modern, and industrial space while infusing it with vibrant splashes of color in the seating, lighting, and wall treatments.